Should Solar Panel System Inspections Be Carried Out by a #1 Building Inspector?

More and more people are installing solar panels in their roofs. It’s not just a statement of support for the environment, but also an excellent way to live a more comfortable and sustainable life. However, one common hindrance that people have come to notice about getting solar panels is that they need regular solar panel system inspection. It has also raised the question, “should solar panel inspections be carried out by a building inspector instead?” This inquiry is pretty understandable, judging by the fact that most homeowners wouldn’t want to spend money on two separate inspection jobs. Fortunately, a #1 building inspector can execute solar inspections as well. However, that will depend if they offer it or not. Continue reading now to find out more about it.


A Building Inspector’s Standard Practice

Many building inspections do look at solar panels during their inspections as far as their basic installation job, general wiring, and if the system is fully-functional at the time of the inspection. However, that’s what most inspectors can cover. Apart from it not being in their field of expertise, inspectors are also not required to inspect solar or other renewable energy systems. But then again, it doesn’t prohibit them from doing so. That means a building inspector can look for the basic issues of a solar panel; as mentioned earlier. However, that will also depend on the inspector’s qualifications. That means he or she needs to be qualified or has a basic understanding of photovoltaic (PV) systems.


Hiring an Inspector

All of this indicates that you need to hire a #1 building inspector that knows with PV systems. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to get a separate solar panel system inspection and spend twice as much. The best way to determine this is by visiting the firm’s website and determining if they can include solar panel inspection. You can also call their hotline for a more direct response. Most of the time, the price for the inspection tends to increase if you want to include a solar panel system. However, it’s not as pricey as a separate solar inspection. You can even request that they add it without increasing the prices. Then again, it will depend on how you negotiate and what the firm offers.


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