Thinking of Switching to Solar Air Conditioning? Here’s What You Need to Know

As summers get hotter and the heat waves worsen, people tend to use their air conditioning Adelaide systems more than ever. However, they’re also feeling the pinch of rising electricity costs, which means the search is on for alternative energy sources. This is very true since a significant portion of power consumption in Australian households goes to heating and cooling.

air conditioning AdelaideMany are aware that it’s possible to lower their electric bills by installing solar hot water and solar panel systems on the roof of their house. The good news is that environmentally conscious people and those who want to save on their monthly bills can now avail of newly-developed solar air conditioning systems. Solar heating and cooling options are an exciting initiative which will not only save you cash but at the same time, it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Do you want to know more about it? Check this site to read more.

What is Solar Air Conditioning?

There are several options that you could check out if you are thinking of installing a solar air conditioning Adelaide system. Just like conventional air conditioning systems powered by electricity from the grid, solar air conditioners also come in split-type and ducted systems. Your choice will depend on your cooling needs, size of the house or room, energy usage, budget, and several other factors.

Split-Type Solar Air Conditioning System with Inverter Technology

New models of split system air conditioner use the inverter technology to keep the room cool even with the compressor turned off. With this technology, the air conditioner’s compressor no longer needs to work for long periods, which is an excellent way to save power.

Split system air conditioners can be designed or modified to run on solar power. Modern inverter units with low wattage are also available in the market. These are perfect for running on solar energy, but they come with a premium price tag.

In addition to savings in power consumption, solar split air conditioning units also run quieter than conventional AC systems.

Ducted Systems

If you’re looking for a whole-house cooling option, you can opt for a ducted air conditioning Adelaide system that runs on solar power. There’s also the option of installing solar-powered fans in the roof to propel cool air into the home and warm air out of the roof cavity. If your house has piping installed in the flooring, solar water systems can pump cool water through it for additional cooling effect.

Cost of Installing Solar Air Conditioning

Solar split air conditioning units cost about $500-$1000 for the standard types. If you prefer specialised solar air conditioning systems, you’ll be looking at upwards of $2000. The cost of ducted solar air conditioners, on the other hand, range from $3000 to $10000 depending on the size of the unit and number of vents you require.